You need two things to be successful in real estate:

Reliable sources for quality leads with system for converting those leads into real  business, and an affordable assistant to make sure you aren't missing any business. 

You just found both. 

Buyers and sellers

You need leads, but we don’t supply those. We supply you with buyers and sellers who are expecting you to call. We have already contacted the lead and they are waiting to hear from you. So instead of calling countless leads, call the buyers who are ready to buy, and sellers who are ready to sell. That’s what Real Estate Plugged In can provide you.
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Virtual Inside Sales Agent

Did you ever wish you had someone in your office that would just sit there all day calling alL of your contacts in your phone, old leads from your MLS, go through your entire database and call everyone and say "Hey, are you looking to buy or sell, or do you know anyone who is?"

You can have that today at Real Estate Plugged In. 
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Answering Service

Stop missing business when you're with clients. Give your clients your full attention with our answering services. 

Forward your phone(s) to us while you're on an appointment, at a closing, or signing contacts. We will take very detailed messages and get them to you so you are never out of reach. 
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Spend your time on appointments, not lead generating

Instead of trying to be a successful advertiser, turn yourself into a property-showing, listing appoitment-attending, real estate agent.
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Educational Membership

You have a real estate license. Now what should you do? 

You’re are your desk ready to work but what to do? That mystery is solved by Real Estate Plugged In. We supply resources to help you. Use our step-by-step instructions to get you to your goal of being a mega agent with a business that runs so well, you will have a business worth owning and a life worth living. 
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Business Plans and Goals

Get your business plan in 15 minutes. You’ll have your own business plan customized to fit you. How much? Just $1.00 for our members.
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